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The Airbrush Tanning System is FDA-approved to give you a safe & healthy tan. Using DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) as the active ingredient causes a natural reaction on the top layer of your skin to naturally produce a beautiful tan without damaging the skin. You’re in great hands with us, as we have years of experience and success invested in our tanning system




Takes 8-hours to process, perfect for anyone looking for that perfect glow.

1 Session $35

10 Sessions $250

Face Only $10

5 Sessions $150

Half Body $20


Shower off in 2,3, or 4 hours instead of the usual 6-8 hours; perfect for Weddings & special occasions.

1 Session $45

Face Only $15

5 Sessions $175

Half Body $30

10 Sessions $350


  • Wear loose-fitting clothing along with sandals.

  • Wear a dark-colored bathing suit or garment of preference to be in tanned in; the sun spray solution washes out of most clothing, but tends to stain light nylon material.

  • Turbo Tanning takes about 4-5 minutes, and you will need about the same drying time.



  • Do not exercise, as perspiring immediately after tanning alters the reaction of the sun spray, changing the color.

  • Do not swim or immerse yourself in water.

  • Do not apply moisturizer.

  • Do not sit directly on leather or light fabric with exposed skin the day of your tanning session. Sit on a towel or cloth instead.

  • Do not wear tight clothing, shoes, or socks right after your tanning session.

  • Do not sunbathe until you take your first shower.



Shower the morning of your appt. Use liquid soap. Do not moisturize, you may use deodorant and face creams.

  • Make sure to exfoliate your entire body, focusing on the lower half of your legs, toes, elbows, and knuckles. You can use a washcloth, scrubbing mitt, or loofah.

  • Do not apply moisturizer until after your post-tan shower.

  • Lotions can act as a barrier and prevent the sun spray from absorbing into your skin.


Your tan will last from 5-10 days with proper care.

  • Wait at least 6 hours after your tanning application before showering.

  • You may see color washing off the first time you shower, this is normal. Your skin will continue to tan as a self-tan reaction occurs on your skin.

  • Avoid long, hot showers and baths.

  • Apply moisturizer every time you shower, this will help prolong the life of your tan. Use liquid soap instead of bar soaps. Do not use baby oil.

  • Lotions with alpha-hydroxy acids are used to increase exfoliation and will fade your tan.

  • Do not rub your skin.

  • You can sunbathe while you have the spray tan on your skin. Use sun protection as this does not protect you from UV rays.

  • To get ready for your next spray tan, or to remove excess at the end of the life of the tan, shower and exfoliate vigorously with a washcloth while your skin is wet. Repeat if necessary.

Although there are no known side effects reported with the use of the active ingredient (DHA), pregnant women are advised to get doctor’s approval.

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